Sába Ház - the ideal hotel at Balaton beach

Sába ház - The coast is calling!

Sába ház - The bridge to relaxation.

Sába ház - The ideal sundeck of the Balaton coast.

Programs around Balaton

The Balaton and its sorroundings provide a wide range of cultural, amusing programs from music festivals to
culinary experiencies, go-cart, art exhibitions and programs for children.

The staff of Sába Ház and our contributory partners are avaible for you to make your expereince more pleasent. We not only provide a confortable accommodation and a entertaining experience by the shore, but we proivde you with cultural experiences and adventures.

Our staff is going to be at your serivce if you have any questions about the events or need any help booking the tickets or plan to route to the chosen event.


Balaton and the wine: inseparable

The regions by Balaton are worthily famous for their wide collection of wines, and we not only recommend these
occasions on raniny days, because these wine cellars provide a cool releif on hot days.
And in case you want to visit a genuine hungarian plain program, we can help you with our partners programs.
One of the prefered target is Rádapuszta where you can spend a whole day with horse shows, horseback riding, wine tasting, or have a plenteous lunch.



Sailing with extras

Sailing trips are popular from early spring to late fall on the lake.
You can find the timetables for the ferry and sailing routes at our reception.
Tihany or Badacsony are the recomended directions from Balatonboglár’s port. We arrange the program even in case of only a few people are applied for the trip, but we can even provide more ships. The prepared crew will make sure the journey will be pleasent for the experienced and the beginner sailers as well.
Lunch is awaiting the passengers at the destination, then wine tasting in Badacsony, then depending on the weather there will be time to explore the surroundings.


Visit Budapest

If our guests from abroad would like to spend their visit activly, we recommend them to visit our capital city,
which is only one and a half hours away from our hotel by car. If there is a need we can provide our guests with
bus and a guide, or if they want to explore the city by themselfs we can provide them with maps and tips about
what to visit.

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